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VMS Trailers

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Lift-Off Unit

The unique lift off design of the Nova VMS trailer allows you to separate the VMS from the trailer frame in minutes. Units are also easily lifted by crane for bulk deployments from crane trucks, and multi-unit trailers are also available to transport 1-3 units at a time. Saving you time and money through quicker deployment, reduced registration and maintenance and better transport options.

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Anti-Vandal & Anti-Theft

VMS trailers are a prime target for thieves and vandals, but the Nova VMS has been designed from the ground up to be as resistant as possible. Firstly the vulnerable trailer parts are removed from site, meaning wheels and axles don’t need to be secured to the frame. The expensive batteries are securely mounted underneath the chassis, and are virtually impossible to remove without specialised equipment.

Easy to Use & Low Maintenance

Cordless drill operated stabiliser legs and mast rotation make deployment quick, and easy. The electric mast lifting system is powered by onboard batteries, with simple to use, vandal-proof controls and requires minimal maintenance with no hydraulics.

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Cloud Remote Control

Zone 2 cloud control allows remote access to control and manage your VMS fleet from anywhere! Features include scheduling, GPS tracking, solar and battery monitoring, troubleshooting and user management. We also know reliability is vital, so your Zone Cloud subscription also includes ongoing software updates and 24/7 local support.


Nova Variable Message Sign (VMS) can easily be configured to suit your needs, including both A and C screen sizes, various battery and solar capacity options and plenty of other accessories including radar speed detection to enforce speed limits.

TurnLock receivers Easy Installation
Mobility Scooter Trailers For Sale

Built to Last

Australian designed and built in-house by Carbon Equipment, Nova Variable Message Sign (VMS) has been designed to withstand the rigours of a rental fleet. With a heavy duty hot-dip galvanised chassis, galvanised battery box and aluminium checker plate deck, your VMS will be looking great for years to come.