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High performance Australian made trailer suspension

Carbon Equipment’s in house developed suspension systems provide market leading ride quality and stability, even in extreme off road conditions. All our suspension systems are independent, load sharing* and Australian made.

Why choose Carbon Equipment suspension

Carbon Equipment has never been satisfied with off the shelf trailer suspension systems. No available suspension systems met our requirements for performance, without having other disadvantages, so we decided to engineer a range of our own suspension options from a blank canvas.

The key to a high performance tandem trailer suspension system is load sharing, and we’ve proved that through our in-house testing. Load sharing helps the suspension to absorb bumps without needing to compress the suspension, allowing a smoother ride without sacrificing load capacity or stability. The other important factors we wanted in both our suspension systems was independent swingarms so that each side can operate independently, huge travel capabilities for tough off road conditions, and low unsprung mass to improve reactivity. UniTor provides a low cost option to achieve these features, while the HydraDrop system takes trailer suspension to the next level to include sway bars and an automatically adjusting pneumatic spring, plus fully adjustable ride height down to ground level loading.


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When should I choose HydraDrop or UniTor?

HydaDrop provides ground level loading and improved ride quality, but is substantially more expensive than UniTor.

Are these systems available in tandem and single axle versions?

HydraDrop is available in both single axle and tandem, but UniTor is only available as a tandem suspension.

What load ratings are available?

HydraDrop is available in 750kg, 2T single axle and 4T tandem axle configurations. UniTor is available for 2T, 3.5T and 4.5T with other capacities available for OEM.

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