TurnLock Tie Down Points
TurnLock Tie Down Points

TurnLock Tie Down Points

Quick release flush mounted tie down system


Quick Release

TurnLock pins are quickly and easily installed or removed without tools, by just pushing the pin down into the receiver and turning 90 degrees. Once in position the pin cannot rattle loose, and is impossible to release while under tension. With a number of receivers, the pins can always be moved to right where you need them.

TurnLock Receiver Low Profile

Low Profile

The TurnLock receiver is small and unobtrusively mounted underneath the floor so it is never in the way of loads. The small hole stops small items from falling through, and will not clog, jam or be damaged even when covered in mud and debris.

Easy Installation

TurnLock receivers can easily be added to almost anything thanks to their small size. For bolt on installation, just drill the three holes and bolt the receiver plates underneath the floor with the included fasteners. For a truly flush mount, the holes can be countersunk or the plates can be welded to steel floors.

TurnLock receivers Easy Installation
TurnLock components

Australian Designed & Tested

TurnLock components are made to last. Manufactured from quality steel and zinc plated for longevity, so you can be sure they won’t rust or break even in harsh environments. Rated to 1T loading, and tested to over twice that!

TurnLock Tie Down Points

Shipping: $19 flat rate

TurnLock Pack Melbourne

TurnLock Starter Pack

  • 4 pins
  • 8 receivers
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TurnLock Pins

TurnLock Pin

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TurnLock Pack

TurnLock Receiver

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