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Hydraulic lowering trailer suspension

Australian Made

Developed and manufactured in house by Carbon Equipment, HydraDrop is a hydropneumatic suspension system providing market leading ride quality and full height adjustment including ground level loading. Great for difficult to load items like low cars or equipment, improving safety and productivity.

Hydropneumatic Trailer Suspension
Hydraulic Suspension System

Smooth and Stable

The hydraulic system provides the power to lift and lower the trailer, but unlike competitors also provides the suspension, so there are no locking mechanisms required when the trailer is at ride height. The cylinders are interconnected to provide load sharing, and the optional pneumatic spring provides dampening, which automatically adjusts to the weight applied, for consistent performance on any weight trailer. Integrated sway bars ensure excellent stability in all conditions.

Easy to Use

The system is low maintenance and easy to use. It’s typically installed with an onboard battery and trickle charger so the trailer can still be operated independently when disconnected from the tow vehicle. The trailer can either be controlled by a wired switch on the trailer or a handheld remote control. The suspension can also provide additional security with an optional electronic lock on the suspension control system.

HydraDrop Suspension
HydraDrop Trailer Suspension

HydraDrop is available as a single axle system rated to 750kg or 2,000kg, or a tandem axle system rated up to 4,000kg. HydraDrop can be installed as an option for all Carbon Equipment trailers or is available as a standalone kit to be integrated into your new trailer build.

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How is HydroDrop powered?

HydroDrop is powered by an onboard battery and an electric pump, which can either be wired to a switch or to a wireless remote control.

Can HydraDrop be integrated into my existing/custom/new trailer?

Yes, HydraDrop can be integrated into some existing trailers or into a custom-built trailer. Please contact us to enquire about HydraDrop as a partial or full kit.

What happens if there is a leak or broken hose?

Hydraulic failures are extremely rare thanks to the high quality components, but if the system loses pressure the trailer will lower to the ground evenly. Hoses to each cylinder are identical, so spares are easy to carry and replace if required and the majority of the system is easily available from any hydraulic repair shop.

What maintenance is required?

Very little! The only additional maintenance is an extra bush per wheel, and checking the hydraulic system for leaks and fluid levels.

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