Lay Flat Mobility Scooter Trailers
Mobility Scooter Trailer

Lay Flat Mobility Scooter Trailers

Featuring hydraulic lowering suspension

Ease of Access

Utilising our HydraDrop suspension system, we’ve designed our mobility scooter trailers to be as easy as possible to access. Scooters can be ridden off, and users with limited mobility can exit the trailer without negotiating ramps or steps. There’s also no ramps to lift or locking pins or latches to deal with. Control of the suspension can either be by an onboard switch or remote control.

Mobility Scooter Trailer Melbourne
Mobility Scooter Trailers For Sale


Like all our trailers, our mobility scooter trailers can easily be customised to suit your needs. Whether this is a bigger or smaller trailer, or options such as weatherproof covers, anti-slip floor coatings or a variety of tie down systems.

Built to Last

Even the smallest trailers need to stand the test of time, so they are still built in Australia with high quality galvanised steel so you can invest in a quality trailer for years to come.

TurnLock receivers Easy Installation
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Can trailers be funded by NDIS?

Yes, we have worked with NDIS and disability support services to have mobility scooter trailers funded by NDIS.

Can the mobility scooter be enclosed?

Yes we can add a soft or hard shell to the trailer to keep your scooter protected from weather or theft.

Can the designs be changed to suit my unique needs?

Yes, trailers can be customised as required if different sizes or features are needed to suit your situation.

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