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The Ultimate in Comfort and Safety for Your Horses

Built for Safety

Areion Equestrian was founded to produce a safer horse trailer, and we've invested heavily in making horse trailers safer. Our team's background in road safety and crash testing has enabled us to create trailers that protect horses in the event of an accident. In fact, we even have the world's only full-scale equine crash test dummy! Our horse floats feature a backwards facing safety cell design, which ensures horses are contained in a comfortable, protective bay even in an accident or rollover. The see-through divider keeps horses connected while reducing injury from biting and kicking, especially if a horse falls down or panics. Studies show that reverse facing travel significantly improves the comfort, safety, and balance of horses, especially during emergency braking. Plus, our horse compartments are completely free of dangerous protrusions or snag points, so there is nowhere for horses to be injured.

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Improved Comfort

We understand that your horse's comfort is just as important as their safety. That's why we've designed our UniTor and HydraDrop suspension systems in-house specifically for horse trailers. These systems increase comfort and reduce vibration compared to traditional suspension systems. Both are load sharing and independent, which greatly improve the performance of the suspension, so you can trust that your horse will arrive at their destination relaxed and comfortable. Our HydraDrop system provides the ultimate ride quality, with self-adjusting hydropneumatic springs that provide the optimal stiffness whether empty or fully loaded. Plus, it allows for easy and safe ground-level loading at the touch of a button, no ramps needed!

Optimised Airflow

Australian summers can be hot, but your horses shouldn't have to be while travelling. That's why we've optimised the airflow of our trailers using advanced digital simulation technology. Our trailers keep horses cool without introducing excessive noise, fumes, or dust. Traditional horse float design with side opening windows and a large opening above the ramp provides minimal airflow over most of the horse, and also produces a huge amount of turbulence which increases noise, fumes and dust, leading to discomfort and even respiratory issues. Our front air intake, with a washable filter, may look small, but it captures a large volume of air from high above the dust and fumes from the tow vehicle. The large rear window is placed to reduce turbulence and allows air to escape after providing airflow over the horse's whole body. Our optimised airflow design ensures your horse stays cool and comfortable, no matter how hot it is outside.

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Long Lasting Construction

Areion Equestrian produces high-quality, Australian-made horse floats that are built to last. We use only Australian-made galvanised steel for our chassis and complete the base with a high tensile 450 MPa galvanised floor, which is almost twice the strength of standard steel and almost four times as strong as hardwood floors. Galvanised steel is highly resistant to corrosion and immune to rot, so your Areion Equestrian float can be hosed off inside and out. The body of our floats is made from a unique thermoplastic composite panel, which is extremely tough to withstand horses' hooves. It also has impressive thermal and acoustic insulation, is rattle-free, and is immune to rot and rust. Internally, bays are fitted out with solid thermoplastic kick boards, which are tougher and longer-lasting than timber, and a removable rubber floor.

Custom Built

At Areion Equestrian, we believe that your horse deserves a trailer that is as unique and special as they are. That's why we don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, and instead offer completely custom-built horse floats tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Whether you need a specific layout, extra storage, or a luxurious living area, we've got you covered. We pride ourselves on our ability to build anything you can imagine, from kitchens and bunk beds to side entries and pop-outs. So why settle for a standard horse trailer when you can have a custom-built Areion Equestrian horse float? Contact us today to discuss your dream float and let us bring it to life!

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