Ausroll Custom Trailers

AusRoll Custom Trailers

Australian made modular trailer system

Modular Construction

AusRoll trailers' unique modular design means trailers can be quickly and easily configured to suit your unique requirements. Specify a custom size, and a variety of different options and configurations. The possibilities are endless!

High Capacity
High Capacity

Structural High Tensile Floor

AusRoll trailers’ structural floor panels are the key to our modular construction. Made from 2.4mm thick high tensile 450 MPa steel, which is 80% stronger than standard steel, the panels form an integrated cross member every 325mm, creating an incredibly strong floor. Unlike most trailers, the floor is also galvanized before forming, for a perfectly smooth floor free from warping or protrusions for easy material removal and cleaning.

Weld Free Chassis

The chassis rails are made from hot-dip galvanised structural channels and are a single piece from front to back, forming both the A-frame and the chassis rails. The weldless design removes weak heat-affected zones and maintains the galvanized finish inside and out. Over 100 high strength, fatigue-resistant lock bolts are used instead, each bolt able to withstand over a tonne of force.

High Capacity

Australian Designed, Australian Made, Australian Tested

AusRoll trailers are designed and engineered in house by Carbon Equipment and produced in Ballarat using quality Australian made steel. The system has been tested extensively in rural Australian conditions to ensure they meet our standards for quality and reliability.

High Capacity


A huge range of base configurations can be produced using the AusRoll system as single axle, tandem axle or tri axle. Below are some of the most common configurations. A range of accessories are also available to customise your trailer including hydraulic ejectors, stock crates, cages, ramps and many more. Contact us today to build your perfect trailer!

Box Trailer

Box Trailer

  • Most common configuration
  • Steps along both sides
  • Sides keep loads contained
Flat Top Low Bed Trailer

Flat Top Low Bed

  • Low and wide floor
  • Drive over guards
  • Partial side access
Box Trailer Wide Bed

Box Trailer Wide Bed

  • Wide floor
  • Drive over guards
  • Sides keep loads contained
Flat Top High Bed Trailer

Flat Top High Bed

  • Flat and wide floor
  • Full side access
  • Optional sides and tailgate
Box Trailer with Side Boxes

Box Trailer with Side Boxes

  • Secure storage
  • Sides keep loads contained
Hydropneumatic Lay Flat Trailer

Hydropneumatic Lay Flat

  • Ground level loading
  • Extreme suspension
  • Optional sides and tailgate


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Is a checker/tread plate floor available?

No, tread plate is not available as high strength steel and is not compatible with our manufacturing method. Treadplate is also measured to the top of the ribs, so 2.5mm checker plate is much thinner and weaker than 2.4mm plain plate. If anti-slip is required, a bed liner with friction additive may be applied which is much more effective than tread plate.

Are painted trailers available?

All our trailers are constructed from hot-dip galvanized materials and parts for longevity, a cheaper painted-only option is not available. For aesthetic or branding purposes paint, powder coat or decals can be applied as an optional extra in addition to the galvanizing.

Are other options, accessories or configurations available?

Absolutely, we are always looking for ways to expand our modular ecosystem. Please contact us to discuss your ideas.

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