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Mobility Scooter Trailer

Mobility Scooter Trailers

A perfect way to transport your mobility scooter or power wheelchair

Ease of Access

Utilising a special version of the UniTor suspension system, we've designed our mobility scooter trailers to have an extremely low deck height for easy loading of your mobility scooter or powerchair. The extra long ramp is made from a composite panel, which is extremely lightweight, making it easy to lift up and down. The gas-strut assisted roof is also made from composite panels so is quick and easy to fold up out of the way of loading.

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Just because you need to tow a trailer doesn't mean you need a large car. Our mobility scooter trailer saves weight using our UniTor suspension, and composite panel construction so it can be towed by even the smallest cars. The small size also saves registration fees in some states.


Like all our trailers, our mobility scooter trailers can easily be customised to suit your needs. Whether this is a bigger or smaller trailer, or options such as anti-slip floor coatings or a variety of tie down systems, anything is possible with a Carbon Equipment trailer. Our unique panel joiners also allow accessories to easily be mounted to the inside or outside of your trailer.

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Mobility Scooter Trailers For Sale

Built to Last

Even the smallest trailers need to stand the test of time, so they are still built in Australia with high quality galvanised steel so you can invest in a quality trailer for years to come.

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Can trailers be funded by NDIS?

Yes, we have worked with NDIS and disability support services to have mobility scooter trailers funded by NDIS.

Can the designs be changed to suit my unique needs?

Yes, trailers can be customised as required if different sizes or features are needed to suit your situation.

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