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Load sharing off-road trailer suspension

Australian Innovation

Developed and tested in house by Carbon Equipment, UniTor is a load sharing walking beam torsion suspension system providing exceptional ride quality, especially off road, in a compact and lightweight package.

UniTor Trailer Suspension
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High Performance

The key is the shared center torsion beam which supports the front and rear wheels on opposing ends of a single spring. This spring is housed inside the chassis mounts which allow the suspension to ‘walk’ over obstacles. This load sharing ability substantially reduces load on the suspension and chassis, and the single spring provides a significant reduction in unsprung mass and inertia, resulting in faster suspension response. The result is a suspension system which outperforms rocker roller or trailing arm suspension systems both on and off road.

Keep It Simple

The simplicity of UniTor not only reduces mass, but also the number of moving parts to wear or fail. The only wear components are four identical heavy duty pivot bushes, and periodic maintenance only requires greasing the torsion bars. UniTor is built to last too, made right here in Australia, and coated with a long lasting e-coat which meets automotive industry standards.

Unitor Suspension
UniTor Suspension System

UniTor is adaptable to a wide range of trailers and can be configured from 2T-4.5T rating with a range of braking options and ride height adjustment of up to 160mm. UniTor is available on all Carbon Equipment trailers and is also available as a kit for use on other trailers.

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Is UniTor available as a single axle?

No, the key technology of UniTor is only beneficial for tandem axle trailers .

Can UniTor be integrated into my existing/custom/new trailer?

Yes, UniTor can be integrated into most existing trailers or into a custom built trailer.Please contact us to enquire about UniTor as a partial or full kit.

Is maintenance or repair difficult?

UniTor is very low maintenance with minimal moving parts, just keep the torsion bar greased and replace the pivot bushes when worn. Damage is less likely when suspension performance is optimal, as there is less force on the suspension and trailer. If damage does occur, UniTor can easily be replaced with minimal tools.

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