Premium Lay Flat Trailers
Lay Flat Trailers

Premium Lay Flat Trailers

Safe and Easy Ground Level Loading

Carbon Equipment lay flat trailers feature hydraulic suspension which lowers completely to the ground to easily load equipment or bulk materials, while providing a smoother ride even on the roughest sites. Built to last with a galvanised chassis and stainless steel floor.

Small Lay Flat Trailer

Designed for Small Equipment or Lighter Loads.
Small Lay Flat Trailers

Deck Length




Tare Weight


Perfect for smaller equipment like mowers and mini diggers, or barrow loading. The small lay flat trailer still has a heavy duty stainless steel floor, and hydraulic suspension providing safe and easy ground level access

Large Lay Flat Trailer

Designed for Large Equipment or Heavy Loads.
Large Lay Flat Trailers

Deck Length




Tare Weight


For larger equipment including loaders and mini excavators, featuring heavy duty stainless steel floor and tandem hydraulic suspension for safe and easy ground level access for equipment or bulk materials.


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Does hydraulic suspension require more maintenance?

The hydraulic suspension system should be regularly lubricated and inspected for wear or damage similar to other suspension systems, but does not require any other additional maintenance.

How are the batteries charged?

Hydraulic lay flat trailers are fitted with on board battery chargers powered by the towing vehicle. Towing vehicles should be fitted with a 12 pin or Anderson plug to provide power while towing, otherwise the trailers will need to be charged regularly to maintain operation.

Can the hydraulic suspension be used as a tipper trailer?

No the hydraulic suspension will not lift or tilt the deck to tip materials, however a load ejection option is currently in development.

Where do you deliver your Lay Flat Trailers in Victoria?

We deliver all over Metro Melbourne as well as Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo, Shepparton, Horsham, Warrnambool, Echuca, Mornington and other regional Victorian towns.